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Stalking Awareness

Stalking Awareness Students had lots of great ideas about what to do to help a friend in an unhealthy situation. Bree, Outreach Coordinator, recently presented to the Cheyenne Eagle Butte Junior High students and faculty about stalking awareness. “We talked to the students about abusive behaviors like jealousy, controlling what someone wears for clothing or…Read More

Winter weather on the South Dakota prairie

Winter weather on the South Dakota prairie South Dakota weather is unpredictable and can be dangerous. Winter is a dangerous time of year on the South Dakota prairie. Blizzards regularly bring several inches of snow and strong winds, resulting in closed interstate roads, businesses and schools. We are so grateful for the warmth and safety…Read More

Child Services: Safe, Positive, Caring

Child Services: Safe, Positive, Caring At Cheyenne River Indian Outreach, our Child Services staff works to create an environment that is positive, provides safety, and encourages youth to be respectful and caring, not only to others but to themselves. “We serve children 10-17 years old who have been removed from their home environment due to…Read More

How far is far?

How far is far? Advocates at Cheyenne River Indian Outreach provide transportation to court dates and other appointments. One of the greatest challenges of living in South Dakota is the sheer distance between towns … which also means distance between everyday services. A grocery store … a drug store … a hospital. Towns large enough…Read More

The Pipeline — more than just oil

The Pipeline — more than just oil Human trafficking has become a very real and dangerous issue with the evolution of North Dakota’s oil boom. Traffic crossing the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation to and from the oil fields has increased dramatically, and brought with it increased potential for dangerous activity. Cheyenne River Indian Outreach (CRIO)…Read More

Reservation Realities

Reservation Realities Facing Reservation Realities In any area children displaced from their home environments face unique challenges. Children served by Cheyenne River Indian Outreach programs face all those same challenges, only multiplied. The same is true for adults on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation in need of program services. The Hard Facts Covering more than…Read More