Say NO to Meth!

Say NO to Meth! Cheyenne River Indian Outreach took advantage of the summer weather and the annual Watermelon Feed at Bear Necessities Thrift Store to host a sidewalk art contest! After enjoying some watermelon, many youth took the time to share a message about meth and drug awareness. “We understand a lot of kids have…Read More

Meet our Staff – Bree

Meet our staff! Helping others has helped Bree in her own journey of healing. Many know that abuse and trauma are far too common in Indian Country. All youth can benefit from a sense of belonging and being connected to their culture. This was the message that Bree, Outreach Coordinator at Cheyenne River Indian Outreach,…Read More

Stalking Awareness

Stalking Awareness Students had lots of great ideas about what to do to help a friend in an unhealthy situation. Bree, Outreach Coordinator, recently presented to the Cheyenne Eagle Butte Junior High students and faculty about stalking awareness. “We talked to the students about abusive behaviors like jealousy, controlling what someone wears for clothing or…Read More

Special Winter Needs

Other Ways to Help Pillows, sheets and blankets are an essential part of our daily work in our domestic violence shelter. At Cheyenne River Indian Outreach, we are grateful to be able to accept nearly any gift that comes our way. You see, in our women’s shelter and in our youth center, we try to…Read More

Winter weather on the South Dakota prairie

Winter weather on the South Dakota prairie South Dakota weather is unpredictable and can be dangerous. Winter is a dangerous time of year on the South Dakota prairie. Blizzards regularly bring several inches of snow and strong winds, resulting in closed interstate roads, businesses and schools. We are so grateful for the warmth and safety…Read More

Meet Our Staff – Paulette

Meet our staff! Paulette loves her work with Native American youth. My name is Paulette and I work at the Child Services Center for Cheyenne River Indian Outreach in Eagle Butte, South Dakota. The kids here call me “Grama.” I worked in the kitchen at the local school for almost 20 years. I love to…Read More

Child Services: Safe, Positive, Caring

Child Services: Safe, Positive, Caring At Cheyenne River Indian Outreach, our Child Services staff works to create an environment that is positive, provides safety, and encourages youth to be respectful and caring, not only to others but to themselves. “We serve children 10-17 years old who have been removed from their home environment due to…Read More

The Truth about Teen Dating Violence

The Truth about Teen Dating Violence Girls between the ages of 16 and 24 experience the highest rate of intimate partner violence. Learn more at What is Teen Dating Violence (TDV)? Why does it happen? How do I know TDV when I see it? What can I do if someone I know is experiencing…Read More

Reclaiming your Spirit Retreat

Reclaiming your Spirit Retreat Winona, who is stylist as well as a Sexual Assault Project Coordinator/Advocate at Cheyenne River Indian Outreach, provided haircuts free of charge throughout the day. “The Reclaiming your Spirit Retreat was aimed at women who have suffered any kind of abuse,” said Bree, Outreach Specialist. “We collaborated with Family Violence Services…Read More

Natural Helpers Program returns to Cheyenne River

Natural Helpers Program returns to Cheyenne River Natural Helpers participants and their advisors attend a weekend retreat for training and building relationships. “Natural Helpers is a really good program,” said LeNae, Outreach Coordinator at Cheyenne River Indian Outreach. “I am really excited to partner with the school district to provide this resource to high school…Read More